User defined parameters

The users may specify their own parameters to modules, registers and fields. The values are preserved in YAML import/export and the types are consistent with the types accepted by the pyyaml package used by registerMap. An incomplete list of such types includes bool, int, str and float.

More complex types may also be supported, but this should not be relied upon as support may change without notice as the version of pyyaml package is updated.

The names of user defined parameters must not begin with underscore (‘_’) as this is a special character that is ignored by register map YAML import.

import register_map
myMap = registerMap.RegisterMap()

m1 = myMap.addModule( 'module1' )

m1['bool-parameter'] = True
m1['float-parameter'] = 3.14

r1 = m1.addRegister( 'register1' )

r1['int-parameter'] = 31
r1['string-parameter'] = 'some value'